Applied Dream Making
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  1. Lab
    Room for aplying making sharing experiencing experimenting collaborating creating cocreating showing playing hacking bonding dancing building exploding disrupting awemaking painting
  2. Shop
    Room to share the results residue repeats of the dreammaking process of the residents
  3. Library
    Room for dreaming scheming learning teaching unlearning rethinking brainstorming ideating strategizing storytelling discussing reading hiding belonging resting watching singing listening writing healing
  4. Residents
    Thats us without the buzzwords and the titles
  5. Projects
    A collection of new and old projects of the house
  6. Services
    TBC - sharing what we do for innovation and co-creation
About the House
House of Dadabit is a transdisciplinary collective who create and experience together the stories and dreams of now and the future. ​​​

We do unlearn and rethink bringing play back into the process.

Mundane or sparkly, serious or stupid, the aim is to make dreams materialize and be consumed there and then without committing to pursue forever.

"Next" is what we strive for and we care for the ancient and the future.

We share our stories, dreams, learnings and tools.

Non-viable is when your context is not right. It is possible. And it is enjoyable. 

The space it habits is not tied to a particular location and is  everchanging
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